Norman Adams has been working in the graphic arts "kitchen" since earning
his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Minneapolis College of Art
and Design. His first job out of school was with a graphic design studio in
Louisville, Swearingen Graphics a division of Price Weber; with clients as
diverse as Mercedes-Benz, KFC, International Harvester, and GE.

He was Senior Illustrator at Fresh Produce in Minneapolis working for Burlington Northern and clients of advertising agencies such as
Charmicheal-Lynch, Bozell&Jacobs and others.

Norman "cooked" for a number of years with Sheehy/Knoph Advertising in Louisville as Art Director applying his skills to clients such as NTS Properties, Norton Hospital, Louisville Visitor's Bureau, and the State of Kentucky.

As Senior Art Director at Halblieb/Beggs in Louisville Norman
worked with Humana Health Plans, Papa John's Pizza,
and the Louisville Water Company.

At Baach Creative Services in Louisville he worked with clients
such as Owensboro Health Hospital and Wagner Electric.

At Churchill Downs Incorporated Norman served as Senior Designer overseeing the quality of its well-known brand and was honored to create a new
Derby logo each year the in-house Art Department existed (2003-2007).

Nowadays Norman relishes the heat of the "kitchen" offering his
services on a freelance basis to clients such as Heaven Hill Distilleries, Innovations in Peacemaking International, Shoe Sensation,
and AA Clay Studio and Gallery. He's available.

Norman has recently added to his portfolio a line of patterns.
The patterns can be purchased as printed fabric for sewing all kinds
of things on line in his shop (normandoe) at
The patterns are offered as pillows, duvets, and the like as well.

Available now for freelance; Norman can provide
just what your graphic art needs demand — on time and on budget.
Call Norman for a take-out order at Norm's Deli:

502 656-8110 or email at